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Metro Advertising was founded in June 2008 as a fresh and innovative media company focused on outdoor advertising. As an outdoor billboard company our goal is to provide for outstanding and impactful signage opportunities. We also offer a whole range of high quality but affordable media production and print services and materials.



Our highly skilled team has the ability and experience to strategically place your message in front of your targeted audience as well as several other consumers who commute past our land mark and other highly congested areas. From local, to regional, to national advertisers, we provide you with unique eye catching platforms to target and captivate your audience. Below are a handful of the several outdoor media campaigns we've hosted.


Farmers house,  Cairo rd, Lusaka. Lusaka, Zambia


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Metro Advertising

Trade Kings

Trade Kings Limited is the largest FMCG manufacturer in Zambia and one of the major manufacturers in the region. Trade Kings Limited manufactures high quality branded Detergents (Liquids, Powders and Pastes), Soaps, Sweets, Lollipops Confectionery, Soya Nuggets and distributes them throughout Zambia and the Sub-Saharan region.

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